Parameters Trekking Bike
Distance 10,7 km 10,7 km
Altitude difference +1020 | -230 +1020 | -230
Bottom Gravel path | natural path Gravel path | natural path
Difficulty Expert hiker (EE) Difficult (D)
Duration 4 hours approx 2 hours approx


Sant'Anatolia di Narco-Gavelli section

Starting from Sant’Anatolia di Narco and following the CAI trail No. 540, can reach Scheggino, and from here, via the CAI trail No. 506 “Strada delle Ferriere,” can reach Gavelli

Following the SP 471, which connects Sant’Anatolia di Narco to Gavelli, it is possible to descend to Pian delle Melette from Caso and ascend the middle Valcasana, which is the most significant part of the itinerary.

The Valcasana (which owes its name precisely to the ancient slope castle of Caso) is a narrow, deep depression, just 1.5 km wide and about 11 km long in a NO-SE direction.

The hiking trail allows visitors to discover wooded areas, streams embedded in rocky areas, and, most importantly, the small basin of “Pian delle Melette” (“Small apples” plan) (579 m), an ancient dried-up dam lake formed in ancient times by the collapse of part of Mount Civitella.

The route allows the visitor to pass the base of the village of Caso and to reach Gavelli, ascending along the valley slopes. Both villages are characterized by interesting historical-artistic testimonies, such as the church of Madonna delle Grazie in Caso where there is a rare depiction of the Madonna on Horseback and that of San Michele Arcangelo in Gavelli with the apse entirely frescoed by Giovanni di Pietro known as Lo Spagna in 1505.

Continuing beyond Gavelli, for more trained hikers, along some of the region’s most naturalistically significant trails, it is also possible to reach the summit of Coscerno by first following CAI trail No. 537 and then No. 539. Continuing, moreover, along CAI trail No. 512 will lead you to the small lakes of Gavelli.

Route type: round trip

🔴 Challenging route with gradients to climb evenly distributed along the way