Educational activities are expressly studied and organized to engage different typologies of audience in creative didactic performances related to hemp and textile theme.


Museo della Canapa offers to schools of every levels a rich didactic program, which enhances the students’ understanding of the modernization of hemp and traditional weaving.

From ethnography to laboratory practice, through a multi-sensorial approach based on creative performances, children can experience the weaving world, coming in contact with the traditional tools, looms, yarns and woven fabric. At the request of the school, the Museum can collaborate in the design of tailor made didactic courses.

Entrance to the Museum is free for all schools, including activities offered by Educational Services.
The cost is €3,50 per participant.

Click here to download the programs for 2017-2018 school year.

For information and reservations: 0743.788013, 0743.613149,


Museo della Canapa provides the possibility to do an internship for young graduants or upper-level college students.

The internships can address different activities of the Museum (ethnography, heritage learning, historical archives management, research and textile prototype).

The applications will be evaluated depending on the candidates’ CV.

We invite you to send us your curriculum vitae to


Il Museo partecipa a numerosi progetti culturali e di marketing territoriale che valorizzano le tradizioni tessili locali, progetti sulla creatività applicata al design ed alla moda, progetti di inclusione sociale e rivolti alla disabilità, in collaborazione con centri di ricerca, istituzioni culturali, musei, università, associazioni, aziende.
The Museum takes part in many cultural projects and local marketing, which enhance the textile traditions of the community, creative design and fashion projects, social inclusion and disability projects in collaboration with research centres, cultural institutions, museums, universities, associations and companies.

Cultural projects:
Musei che hanno Stoffa
Fabric – Action
Spinning Dolls
T.U.N. – Tessile Umbro Naturale


Sharing with families the experience of the Museum is a stimulating way to involve adults and children in both educational and entertaining activities.

Manual activities, animated readings, theatrical tours represent just a few of the programs, which the Museum regularly organizes to offer a creative and entertaining experience.

Nati per leggere (childhood reading project)

The Museum pays attention to children’s needs, even for babies, through breastfeeding areas with baby-changing tables and childhood reading projects (“Nati per leggere”).

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Nati per leggere Umbria