Il Museo della Canapa is located in the sixteenth-century town hall of Sant’Anatolia di Narco and it is one of the “antennas” of the Ecomuseum of the Umbrian Appenine Ridge.


Valnerina, a land where talent meets the traditional ability or “know how”. A territory where nature touches the hand of the human. A place where you can enjoy an authentic experience of memory, tradition, art and modernity. The stories talk of an identity that has remained constant over time and deal with a “know how” as knowledge tool.

The Ecomuseum includes all Valnerina area, synthesizing the relationship between environment and manual skills for future research. The Museum supports traditional skills and the “common good”, which belongs to a new community that wants to bring it back to life and design tools for a new future.


The Ecomuseum of the Umbrian Appenine Ridge is one of the widespread realities in Valnerina, born to preserve and hand down traditions and professions, which were part of the community.

It is divided into “branches” (antenne), ethnographic research centres located in the territory, whose purpose is to preserve the material and immaterial culture of the reality. Hemp and weaving, “norcineria”, truffle, surgery school and oral tradition are just some of the themes of these branches that, starting from collections of objects coming from the territory, become a meeting place between generations or community and cultural realities.


The work of the museum extends into the artistic, social, and cultural communities of Sant’Anatolia di Narco to understand and illuminate the interlocking geopolitical and socioeconomic histories of the valley, including the Geological Park of Valnerina, Spoleto-Norcia railroad track and The Nera Greenway.