Parameters Trekking Bike
Distance 11,7 km 11,7 km
Altitude difference +500 | -500 +500 | -500
Bottom Gravel path | natural path | asphalt Gravel path | natural path | asphalt
Difficulty Hiker (E) Medium (M)
Duration 3h 30min approx 1h 20min approx


Spoleto-Norcia Railway

The hiking ring proposed here allows you to visit some of the most picturesque places in the Valnerina on foot, following ancient tracks.

Starting from the parking lot of the Former Spoleto-Norcia Railroad in Sant’Anatolia di Narco and can proceed towards the village of Sant’Anatolia di Narco, to take, on the left, the CAI path No. 520 (Sentiero degli Eremiti), a path that runs along the River Nera, the Canapine, to reach Vallo di Nera, along the ancient routes of the hermitage at the base of the ridge of Mount Coscerno.

The path, before the fork to Vallo di Nera, crosses the mythical Cave of the Dragon on the right and, with a small detour, crossing the ancient stone bridge over the Nera, you can visit the Abbey of Saints Felice and Mauro at Castel San Felice, famous for being the birthplace of the Campani brothers, famous opticians and watchmakers of the first half of the 16th century.

From here it is possible to take CAI No. 520 again, leaving the valley and ascending toward Vallo di Nera. From the village, following the S.P. 472, it is possible to arrive again at the bottom of the valley, reaching the Spoleto Norcia Railroad, and then descend again in a southerly direction along the ancient railroad track: the route allows you to reach the starting point again, passing through Castel San Felice and the ancient station of Sant’Anatolia di Narco, following the course of the Nera River.

Route type: Ring

🟢 Mainly flat route with no particular difficulty suitable for families and children from Sant’Anatolia di Narco to Castel San Felice
🔴 Challenging route with gradients to climb evenly distributed along the way from Castel San Felice to Vallo di Nera